About me

A lot of my childhood was spent making things out of wood or just about anything i could lay my hands on but it wasn’t until my dad taught me how to cut, join, glue and cramp that i began to discover the wonderful world of woodwork with its myriad of tools, machinery and knowledge required for cabinetmaking and bench joinery. 

My big ambition as a teenager was to be a musician and successful songwriter (a passion that continues to this day!!) but being good with wood is in my DNA and is something that runs deep in my family, my parents ran busy kitchen & bathroom showrooms, created the Cowshed Antique Furniture centre and now run the Windmill Campersite with its array of quirky hand built huts and helicopter accommodation!

After many years making Victorian style furniture and learning about reclaimed materials, i developed a keen eye for detail and furniture design which in 2008 enabled me to set up my own workshop and since then have been very lucky to have a very loyal customer base that has led to some interesting and unusual projects as well as meeting some amazing people along the way.

A couple of years after my son was born in 2014, a fire burnt down several workshops including my own and i lost all my tools and wood along with 2 months work that had been due to be fitted shortly before it was all reduced to smouldering ash!Like a phoenix rising from the ashes a new workshop was built and with the financial support of family, i slowly began to get my business back on its feet whilst running The Cowshed antique centre. I began buying, selling, making, renovating & delivering furniture all day everyday whilst managing the day to day running of the shop. 

I was beginning to bury myself under a large pile of work when in 2016 my daughter was born prematurely with a number of health problems which included having heart surgery, cleft palate repair and spent a significant part of her early years in hospital, needless to say time and sleep are now severely limited! 

So i could no longer commit to running the shop and set up Stafford Road furniture making bespoke larders & kitchens to order online and via my workshop showroom. I have delivered kitchen larders all over the southern counties and even delivered a custom built table for a client in Amsterdam!

I still love the smell of wood and enjoy working with it to this day, I only use sustainably grown and reclaimed timber in my projects and most of my clients still find me via word of mouth. I still feel extremely humbled that people continue to put their faith (and money!) into creative individuals in order to receive something tailor made that can be used forever or even taken with them when they move house! 

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